Am I responsable for cleaning linens?

No, however if they have a stain that doesnt come off, the client is responsible for damage and pay for the damage. If a linens has wax, burn or gets ripped at event, client is responsible for replacement, as we will not be able to use any longer.

If I rent dinnerware, flatware, glassware, or drink dispensers, do I have to clean it?

All equipment that is delivered cleaned and wrapped needs to be rinse from any food, drinks and put back in the packing provided. No need to be wrapped.

Do I need to clean and wrap back the dinnerware, other related rentals?

The rentals dont need to be wrapped back. For the items like drink dispensers that dont have a box, they need to be cleaned up and washed. Dinnerware, flatware and glassware need to be cleaned prior to putting back in boxes.

How do make my reservations?

If the reservations are done 7days or prior to event they can be done online, however the order is not finalized until confirmation email is sent to you via email or text.