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Our Story

This is our story, we started our party equipment rentals business back a few years ago. It all started with the need for additional income for our family. We wanted to see how we can generate additional income and be able to take care of our children. At that  time we our children were still very young. We purchase a few items, got business cards, flyers and opened a FB account to announce our new business. We used for transportation an old pick up truck and we didn't need much space as we didn't have many items. We were blessed from the beginning, and started to see our growth every year. 

We started getting customers and we worked really hard to do the job using multiple hats and manage all parts of the business. We learn a lot through the path and taught us a lot through all these years. We have met so many different clients and we built a great relationships. We have clients that have been with us throughout the years.  

We are so grateful for every and each client we had through the years as well as new clients that come to us for their rental needs. We have share event outcomes and laugh on funny things that could have happened, but we have cried when someone has lost a family member, friend. We enjoy the happy stories, but hurt on the sad ones as well.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients feel comfortable talking to us about their rental, service needs, but for them to have the trust in us and for them to alleviate as much stress as possible and make their event experience as smooth as possible.

We have grown a lot since we first started and it hasn't been easy, but this wouldn't be possible without our clients. 

Now we are happy to say we have reliable transportation, a good amount of inventory that has grown more and more every year. Our online store is available again with the exception of Linens due to moving our inventory to a different location within the City of Riverside. In November of 2019, we added Events & Designs services, that include event planning process, floral arrangements, balloon design services, backdrops, Event furniture & Event decoration & designs. We hope to continue to grow and be able to service our existing clients and our new potential clients.